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Can you use Conscious Uncoupling in Michigan?

Sep 18, 2015


You may be considering following the newest trend before going through with your divorce which is known as conscious uncoupling. This term refers to married couples that want to split up but do so in a way that involves much reflection on their behavior that led to the marriage coming to an end. It’s a way to split up amicably and move forward in a healthy way.

If you live in Michigan and are considering following this new trend brought to the forefront by celebrity couple Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, you’re in luck because Michigan considers all divorces no fault divorces. Here is a further look at this trend.

What is conscious uncoupling?

The term is actually not a new concept but it’s become a trend more recently. This idea that has been around for a while allows couples to reflect on the part they played in the marriage’s demise rather than blaming everything on their partner.

The idea is to split up more amicably and it’s a refreshing trend. Most divorces these days are ending in negativity, placing the blame and revenge but this is a way to grow from the marriage and divorce in order to move forward in a healthy way.

Doesn’t that already happen without giving it a name?

Many couples already reflect on their behavior that led to the divorce unconsciously without giving it a title. Other marriages going through divorce are just trying to survive the emotional strain of what’s taking place which leaves no room for self-reflection.

This type of conscious uncoupling allows couples to take the time to truly self-reflect. When going through your Michigan divorce, you may want to consider emulating this concept in order to survive this vulnerable time of your life. Michigan treats all divorces as no fault divorces.


In addition to the obvious benefits of moving forward with your lives individually in a healthy manner, the kids will reap benefits too. Parenting and child custody management will come much easier if you decide to go the route of conscious uncoupling. The stress on the changing family dynamic will ease and children will see that their parents are trying their best to get along and make it a less stressful time for everyone.

If you decide to try conscious uncoupling, it’s still ok to feel angry at times and not feel amicable. Give it time and consider the end results of trying this with your divorce.

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