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Breaking your Cyberstalking Habit After your Michigan Divorce

Sep 25, 2015

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Are you guilty of cyberstalking your ex after your divorce? Checking up on your ex-partner’s life can be tempting and many are guilty of it. It’s too easy with technology giving us so much access to other people’s lives. From Facebook statuses to Instagram pictures, Twitter feeds to personal blogs, there is so much information out there right at the touch of a button that many find it easy to stalk their friends, relatives and now even ex-husbands or wives.

Are you guilty of compulsively checking up on your ex to see what they are doing and who they’ve been spending time with? Here is a look at how to break this unhealthy habit after your Michigan divorce.

It’s a weakness

If you’ve gotten through the legal, financial and custodial matters of a divorce, you are not always done after that. You may need to work on the emotional and psychological ties that still bind you to your ex. When you are still healing from your divorce, you may be tempted to check up on your ex through social media and other forms of contact.

Sometimes the best way to move on from the divorce is to cut ties completely, aside from when it comes to child custody arrangements. If you find that you are looking at your ex’s social media in your free time to check out on their whereabouts or relationship status, it may be time to admit you have a weakness in order to properly heal and move on.

How to move on

Think about what you may find on your ex’s Instagram, twitter or Facebook account. Perhaps your ex is starting to see someone new or has someone flirting with them on their social media page. Perhaps your ex got a new pet, a new car or is going on vacation.

Are you prepared to find out about these things and not get upset about them? Once you’ve separated your life from another person, you must start new and part of this is to completely separate yourself from any ties with the person you are trying to recover from. Commit to no contact via social media, phone or email for at least a few months until you are healed.

Be careful

Be careful not to put friends in the middle of your divorce. Stay off social media for a while and don’t ask your friends to look up information on your ex for you. Take a break from cyberspace and start purging your photos online and on your phone to keep reminders out of sight.

It’s not only okay to remove yourself from cyberspace for a while during your divorce but it’s wise to do so. Move on completely before you get back on social media so that you don’t learn about something or see something that may bother you about your ex.

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