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Northville Family Law


While the same features of family law prevail throughout Michigan, if you live in Northville, you will be more confident with a local family law specialist. Although a small city, Northville is home to multiple proven family law attorneys.

Northville Data

If you are one of the approximately 6,000 people who live in this city, you are considered a resident one of the premier suburbs of metropolitan Detroit. Northville also has an interesting geographical quirk.

While most of Northville is part of Oakland County, a smaller portion is part of Wayne County. A bit unusual, your small city, covering only two square miles, transcends two Michigan counties.

Northville, the city, was not created until 1955, with a somewhat sketchy northern boundary until the former village of Novi became an official city in 1969. Having approximately 2,600 households, Northville has kept its "village feel," even though it is an incorporated city.

Family Law Concerns

Should you encounter a family law issue, whether it involves potentially contentious issues, such as divorce, parenting problems or annulment , you are probably not alone in Northville. Local family law specialists also handle the following issues.

Child custody decisions,

Child support levels,

Spousal support questions,

Child or spousal abuse or neglect,

Property division and allocation, and

Prenuptial agreements.

Less possibly contentious, but equally important, areas that Northville family law attorneys manage for you include adoptions. When you adopt a child, you must meet all state requirements to ensure you and your child is legally protected from frivolous challenges. Northville family law specialists understand these requirements to help you navigate these sometimes confusing waters.

Property division, which you may believe to be straightforward, is more complicated than it first appears. Michigan is a "common law" state, not a "community property" jurisdiction. Therefore, what's yours is yours -- but not exactly.

Your Northville family law specialist will tell you that your spouse has a legal right to receive a fair and equitable amount of your property should you decide to divorce. This is not the only Michigan property division "quirk." The stated rule-of-thumb, giving the higher compensated spouse two-thirds of the marital assets, is frequently changed by spousal voluntary agreement or court order.

Selecting a Northville Family Law Attorney

If you live in Northville and face a family law matter, commit to retaining an experienced local attorney. Just as you want an experienced real estate lawyer when you buy/sell a home or commercial property, you should hire an experienced family law specialist when facing any matter pertaining to domestic relations.

Since the state does not have a formal separate family court system, the Circuit Court Family Division hears divorce and other family law cases. It is important that your attorney is thoroughly familiar with trying cases in this environment. There are subtle differences facing non-family law specialists from other jurisdictions.

With over 10 family law experts in and around Northville, you should find the specialist that has the empathy you want, along with the domestic relations you need. If you're unsure about which to choose, ask for a free consultation, during which you can interact with a family law attorney on your list. The law offices of Jannelle Zawadieh provides free Family Law consultations for Northville residents.

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