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Lake Angelus Family Law


Family law in Lake Angelus is an important topic and you need to know that you have options available to you. Throughout Oakland County, you may be up against divorce or even child custody. It's critical that you get a lawyer involved to avoid various problems. You can fight for a child and for your fair share of property during a divorce.

While you hope that when you get married and have kids, it goes as planned, it does not always work this way. Prenuptials can be established to determine what happens with your money and property in the event of a divorce. This can protect property that you have prior to entering the marriage.

When it comes to a divorce not involving children, you want to be sure that you are represented fairly. Property division needs to be considered because there is currently mutual property that has been obtained during the marriage. This can include everything from real estate to jewelry and furniture. You may also have to provide or receive spousal support, which is typically provided until the person receiving the support remarries.

If you have not been married for a long period of time and no children were born of the marriage in Lake Angelus, then you may be able to look at an annulment. This is usually a simple process, though it is not right for everyone. Your counsel can work with you to determine if this area of family law applies to your particular situation.

Child support may have to be paid to the primary parent in the agreement. You will want to ensure that there is a parenting plan in place to discuss all of the details if there is a child (or children) born of the marriage that you are ending.

The parenting plan is going to include how much child support is paid and even include what it is to be used for. It will also detail who can see the child and when. If you are giving up your right to have full custody over your child, you may want to ensure the parenting plan includes various times of when you can see the child, including particular holidays.

When you live in the lakefront community of Lake Angelus, you want to have a family lawyer that is on your side regardless of what you are trying to accomplish. If someone is coming after you for child support, you may also want to request a paternity test. This will establish you as the father through DNA. If the paternity test comes back as negative, then you would not be under obligation by Michigan state to pay anything to the mother for the child. If you were married to her and you are now getting a divorce, however, you may still be required to pay spousal support.

Lake Angelus may not be a very large town, but that doesn't mean that you can't get the necessary legal representation in Oakland County. You need to protect yourself legally at all times. Contact Jannelle today for a FREE consultation.

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