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Huntington Woods Family Law


The need for quality legal counsel is paramount when litigation can render monetary or emotional hardship if a family or member loses a case. Residents of Huntington Woods pop 6,000, in southeast Detroit (Oakland County) have access to legal professionals that are results-oriented. Local attorneys are smart, aggressive and specialize in areas that help families navigate legal frameworks that include; finance, domestic and property rights.


Unfortunately Oakland County is microscopic reflection of a national trend of high divorce rates in America. In 2012 Oakland County recorded 6,664 marriages and 3,858 divorces. Different factors contribute to divorce which is realized by divorce attorneys who focus on protecting and securing assets and the rights of locals.

Child Custody

The local and national rate of family fragmentation and life altering circumstances weighs heavy on children. Successful custody rulings are generally hinged on; presentation, mediation participation, evaluation results and visitation constructs to name a few. Child custody can be extremely emotional and difficult for the entire family, requiring compassionate but knowledgeable attorneys.

Property Division

Division of property from dissolution of marriage, death or matrimony is a technical process that involves equitable assets often with sentimental value. Oakland County attorneys understand the high stakes and work to ensure asset management is administered at a high level. Property division requires attorneys who can coordinate and manage multiple entities with 100 percent accuracy.

Spousal Support

Separation and divorce requires competent and driven attorneys that work relentlessly to secure alimony. Oakland County is a valued community in Michigan State with great neighbors and sound resources. High standards of living exist because of the contribution of all residents. Spouses are entitled to what the law permits ensuring families can maintain stability and quality of life after separation.

Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement helps secure the rights of spouses in Oakland county, Michigan and nationwide in the event of a divorce. Compiling a spousal agreement includes provisions for division of property and spousal support. It is a technical record that should be configured without error. Forming a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage secures business assets, monetary capital and property.

Child Support

Child support transcends divorce and paternity cases and is a ruling that addresses the needs of a child. Legal advisers in Oakland County, Michigan work within the Michigan Child Support Formula system. Child support attorneys work diligently to make sure children receive financial support needed. The safety of children is a top priority of child support attorneys.


The annulment process resets matrimony deeming the marriage invalid. Huntington Woods in Oakland County, Michigan considers a marriage invalid from the date of matrimony rather from the date of annulment. Annulments treat property division and debt the same as divorce, but neither spouse is eligible to receive alimony. Annulments can be more difficult to obtain compared to divorce procedures. Less factors qualify annulment e.g., underage marriage, marriage to a relative including step-relatives.


Cases that are anchored on paternal status of a father affects a variety of legal domains; child custody, child support and visitation. These are delicate areas that require reputable clinicians with excellent facilities and protocols. Oakland county paternity lawyers are a reliable source of reputable local DNA clinicians in conjunction with providing excellent paternity counsel. Contact us at 248-356-0600, we offer a free consultation.

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