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Clawson, Michigan is located in Oakland County and home to nearly 12,000 people. It's a part of the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Many people live there because of the strong school system and good quality of life the area provides. If you're looking for family law help in Clawson, you'll be able to get the assistance you need. Family law involves a lot of specific areas, although most people only think of it as relating to divorce and child custody.

There's actually much more to consider when it comes to family law issues. If you've purchased a home in Clawson and you're divorcing, for example, you may have to work with the court to come to an agreement on property division. Some spouses agree on how to divide property right away, and they just submit that plan to the court. Others cannot reach an agreement, so they need mediators or lawyers to help them determine what will be the best course of action. In some cases, it may come down to the judge making a ruling on property that both spouses will have to abide by.

Property is not the only issue for which you might need a family law attorney in Clawson. Both spousal support and child support have to be addressed in a divorce. If you're not the custodial parent, you'll generally be required to pay child support, and if your spouse was used to a particular lifestyle that he or she won't have after you divorce, you may also be required to pay spousal support. Usually, that support is only for a limited period of time, but every case is different. Your attorney can help you make a determination about what is fair and what may be required, so you and your spouse can reach an agreement.

If you haven't been married long and you're concerned your marriage might have been a result of something fraudulent, you can work with a lawyer to see if you can get an annulment. Even if you didn't get married in Clawson, an attorney there can help you. Annulments are only used in circumstances where one spouse was already married to someone else, the marriage was entered under duress, or other unusual issues surface. The best way to determine whether you may be able to get an annulment is to find a qualified Clawson family law attorney to help you.

For people who are thinking about getting married, a prenuptial agreement may be part of the wedding planning. If you or your future spouse has significant assets to protect, this type of agreement can be the best choice for both of you. Family law attorneys can provide information about these types of agreements, what they offer, and what they don't offer, so you and your fiance can make the right decision. Family law lawyers also handle paternity cases, so if you need to prove paternity for a child and receive support from the father, it's important to get a good family law attorney in the Clawson area on your side. We offer Family Law services for Clawson, MI. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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