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What Should you Know about Making a Good Impression During a Child Custody Evaluation?

Jul 07, 2015


When you’re trying to get custody of your child, you want to make a good impression. Some parents forget that the psychological evaluation takes place to determine which parent is the better choice for the child rather than an attempt to make one parent look bad. Even if you can’t stand your ex, the real question is whether or not they are a good parent.

Putting the child’s best interest first is what matter. Even if their mother or father cheated on you or wasn’t being a good spouse to you, if they were and continue to be a great parent, that should be what matters in choosing who has the custody. Here are some tips to make a great impression during the child custody evaluation.

Don’t Spend your Time Devaluing your Ex

If you spend the majority of your evaluation talking badly about your ex, the psychologist may deem you as a bad choice for the children’s custody. Don’t spend your evaluation attempting to make your ex look bad, but rather, spend it explaining how you will raise the kids and why it’s the best choice for the children.

What is the Psychologist Looking for?

He or she will be looking for good parenting skills. Some psychologists are most concerned with the child’s self-esteem while others are more concerned with basic needs being met. If you can show both, you’ll increase your chances of being voted as the more capable parent. Explain how you will keep your children fed, clothed and housed properly in addition to how you will help keep the child feeling loved, happy, clean and well rounded.

Other Tips

In addition to leaving your anger about your ex at the door, avoid discussing petty arguments like you and your ex disagreeing on the right bedtime. Don’t claim to be the better parent or downgrade your ex, but prove you are by what you do with the children now and how you plan to raise them. Be prepared to take a series of tests which will help the state weed out personality disorders and lairs.

In the end, the children’s custody is about what is best for the children, so you may need to realize that you aren’t the better full-time parent for the kids. Be honest and keep the focus on the kids during the evaluation.

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