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Orion Township Family Law


Often referred to as "Lake Orion," Orion Township is located midway between Detroit, Michigan and Flint, Michigan. Lake Orion is actually a village that is incorporated, and located within Orion Township. Other communities in this township that covers nearly 36 square miles are Gingleville, Cole, Lake Orion Heights, Eames and Rudd Mill.

Growing Population

Population figures show that the area is growing. The 2000 census puts the population at 33,463 while the 2010 census counted 35,394 individuals. Of those people counted in 2000, there were 12,246 households of which 63% contained couples who were married. Nearly 40% of those 12,246 households contained one, or more, persons under the age of 18.

Growing Incomes

While the per capita income for the region was pretty low at $30,299, the incomes for a household and family were far higher than the 2012 state average of nearly $48,500. The median income for a family was just over $83,500 while the median household income was nearly $72,000. Males and females saw a huge disparity in their incomes, though, with males at $61,562 and females at $36,481.

Growing Pains

Orion Township is a growing community that faces its share of growing pains. Of the more than 7,715 households that contain married couples, it is a safe bet that a number of them will undergo martial problems. Ironically, many couples who have children find that they become a source of contention when it comes to getting divorced.

Custody of Minor Children is Problematic

Deciding which parent gets custody of the children who are still under the age of consent, which is 18, is often a tricky situation that divorcing couples are not able to work out on their own. To further add to the issues of child custody, the payment of child support can be a source of friction. It is generally understood that the parent who does not have the children living with them the majority of the time will be the one who is paying the bulk of the child support.

Dividing Martial Assets

Most marriages acquire a great deal of things along the way: memories, friends, property. It is this martial property that is likely to be another source of disagreement as the couple moves further through the divorce process. Hiring a lawyer who practices family law in the Orion Township area can help ensure that your best interests are taken into consideration when the property settlement is reached.

Other Divorce Related Services

Though the division of property and a ruling on the welfare of the children top the list as far as issues that most commonly arise when a couple divorce, there are other items that often come up as well. These include:

Paternity: if there is a question of paternity, your lawyer can provide assistance and resources.

Prenuptials: ensuring that the terms of the prenuptials are followed is a task for your lawyer.

Spousal Support: if warranted, your lawyer can help you obtain it.

Annulment: your lawyer can advise you if this is an option for you.

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