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Commerce Township Family Law


Commerce Township, Michigan is a charter of Oakland County. A suburb of Detroit, it is picturesque, filled with rolling hills and expansive development with the Huron River running throughout the charter. A peaceful place, you will find lots of lakes and golf courses with a high property value. With the affluence of the area, any family attorney in the locale will understand the clientele.

What should a family attorney cover?

A family attorney should cover the following areas:

Divorce, Child Custody, Property Division, Spousal Support, Prenuptials, Child Support, Annulment and Paternity cases at a minimum. Each area can be very complicated. Having an attorney that can navigate through these sensitive areas and protect your interests is a priority.

What does an attorney do?

There are certain steps that must be taken for each area. Here is a general breakdown:


A divorce can become very complicated, especially if there are extenuating circumstances involved such as children, property and a large financial distribution. An attorney will work to gather the information, file all paperwork and communicate with opposing counsel to come to a solution that will be beneficial to all parties.

Child Custody and Paternity

These may occur alone or work hand-in-hand. Establishing paternity for a child is a sensitive subject and should be handled with care. A good family attorney will make sure all tests, paperwork, visitation and support will be determined fairly and equitably. For child custody cases that may be a result of a divorce proceeding, the attorney will make sure all parties are protected and the proper steps are taken to work in the best interest of the child.

Spousal Support

Depending on the length of time of a marriage or the details of a prenuptial agreement, spousal support may be required. A family attorney will be able to request all financials and help determine a settlement that is fair. These situations may be complicated, especially if the divorce is contested. A family attorney will be able to navigate the situation for an outcome.

Property Division

Division of property and assets can be tricky and involves a lot of detailed paperwork. A good attorney will make sure all titles are transferred, there are no outstanding liens and each party gets what is due to them.


A prenuptial agreement is a standard document in today's marriages that have stipulations in case anything goes awry in the relationship. It is also designed to protect the assets of one or both parties. An attorney can draw up the documentation and provide valued counsel prior to entering into this type of agreement.


Marriages can end just as quickly as they are performed. An attorney can draw up the paperwork and provide advisement through this process to make sure all bases are covered.

These are just a few things a family attorney can do to assist you with your legal affairs. Do your research and you should be able to find a trusted attorney in Commerce Township with ease. Jannelle Zawadieh specializes in Commerce Township, Michigan Family Law. Contact her today for a FREE consultation.

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