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Are you more Likely to Divorce if You can't Conceive?

Aug 05, 2015


What are the chances of divorce when a couple can’t conceive? You may think it’s no big deal for a couple that can’t conceive because this means they will have more time for each other, their careers and the rest of their life. Unfortunately for couples that are experiencing difficulties conceiving, it can be a silent killer to a marriage.

Most couples are blinded by the reality and go into a marriage open the possibility of children at some point but don’t actually speak to a doctor to confirm they are healthy enough to be able to conceive. This leads to divorce without a doubt because sometimes one or both partners refuse to be with someone that can’t give them children. Here is a look at what it looks like to be in a marriage without the ability to conceive.

Why End the Marriage?

Just like infidelity, growing apart or an addition problem, the inability to conceive is breaking marriages apart. They are all symptoms of a greater problem in marriage and it’s common to have this lead to the end of the marriage.

Infidelity insists that one or both partners are unhappy while addiction can rule the life of the victim abusing a substance or a vice that they shouldn’t be. Couples grow apart all the time which leads to one or both partners deciding that they can’t find a way to be happy anymore.

When it comes to the inability to conceive, unless a serious medical situation has come at play, this can sometimes be a matter of stress, poor diet or other ways a person is not taking care of themselves in order to have the ability to conceive. These types of behaviors may be a sign of an unhealthy marriage too.

What if the Couple gets Treatments to help Conception?

Even if a couple works to be treated for a few years in order to try to conceive a child, they will grieve the failed attempts of the past and will be more likely to get divorced. Some couples understand how serious the treatment process can be and decide it’s not something they want to put themselves through, including doctors’ visits, medical treatments and the emotional rollercoaster of waiting to have a child.

In some cases, couples stay together because they bonded over weathering the storm of trying to conceive but many times, there are feelings of failure or despair that are projected onto their spouse. If treatment is pursued and there is success, couples will typically improve their chance of staying together.

That is a look at the likelihood of divorce when conception is an issue with a couple.

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