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How can Infidelity Affect Your Divorce Proceedings?

Nov 20, 2014

cheating_husband.jpgThe number one leading cause for divorce is cheating.  This can be an emotionally devastating and changing time for both parties involved. When emotions are heightened and feelings are hurt it is easy for the battle weapons to be financial, custodial and material. There are many different types of divorce and the split happens for many reasons. Here’s a look at a few common types of divorce.

Bilateral Agreement Divorce - The easiest and most painless

In this divorce both spouses mutually agree to the divorce and are able to come to amicable terms of custody, finances and possessions. These spouses have come to terms with the fact that their marriage has ended.

Unilateral Divorce – A surprise from one spouse to another

This is emotionally easy for the spouse that has already decided that the marriage is over.  It is overwhelming and confusing to the spouse that did not see it coming.

Third Party – Often a divorce due to an affair

Suddenly, not only does the faithful spouse have to deal with the issues of a divorce, but now also must deal with so many ‘why/who/what/where’ questions, competition and loss of position.

An unfaithful spouse does not necessarily mean that they are a bad person.  In the process of not wanting to feel guilty, he or she may inadvertently shift the blame to the faithful spouse to justify the affair. This shift of blame can lead the faithful spouse to the brink of insanity.  Now all of the sudden the memories of the marriage are being skewed and made to sound as if there had never been any happiness between the two of them.

A Messy Divorce and Moving On

When the faithful spouse is feeling hurt and devastated and the unfaithful spouse is trying to justify their actions, the disagreeing usually begins.  Both spouses feeling as if they have been wronged and are looking to recoup what they can physically hold onto.

This is emotionally unhealthy for everyone involved.  It is best to fairly and maturely get through the divorce, work through the difficult emotions and move on to what the future holds.

When infidelity enters the divorce proceedings, it gets messy, at best. A third party divorce is usually the worst type of divorce because of the cheating.

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