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How Should you Respond if Your Spouse Verbally Abuses you?

Sep 04, 2014

verbal_abuse.jpgVerbal abuse can be one of the more difficult types of abuse to identify. Unfortunately, it is also one of the more common kinds of abuse in relationships and marriages. The biggest problem a person in this situation has is trying to decide where the line is between having a heated argument and actually being verbally abused by your partner.

What makes verbal abuse even worse is the fact that individuals who verbally abuse people tend to be very good at it. This is someone who can say cruel, hurtful, and ugly words that make you feel awful while still appearing to care very deeply about you at the very same time.

How Do You Know You Are Being Verbally Abused?

  • Name Calling: The person you are in a relationship with should never call you negative or hurtful names. This is always a form of verbal abuse.
  • Shaming You: The person you are in a relationship with should never use words that are intended to mock or criticize you.
  • Yelling and Screaming: You should not feel like you are walking on egg shells every time you talk to the person you are with.
  • Feeling Intimidating: You should never be afraid of the person you are with. They should never make you feel this way.
  • It Is Always Your Fault: Your spouse should never make you feel as though every fight is your fault. It takes two people to fight, not one.

How to Respond to the Abuse

You need to let your spouse know they are hurting you. Consider counseling and make sure you surround yourself with other people who care about you.

If you and your spouse go through the efforts of ending the abuse and it does not stop, you need to consider ending the marriage. Verbal abuse usually doesn't stop without some kind of assistance.

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