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Why Should You Settle and Avoid Divorce Court?

Aug 09, 2014

26887348_s.jpgAny couple considering divorce has to make a decision between divorce court and settling. Although divorce court sounds like it may keep things more manageable legally, it’s actually much easier to settle. Here are a few points on why settling is better.

Dealing with Judges

Judges have no training on human behavior, so emotions that come up in divorce court are dismissed and considered unimportant in decision-making. Working with a psychiatrist, mental health professional, social worker, or psychologist will yield better results, especially when dealing with custody evaluations.

Not only are judges uneducated in human behavior, but they are a complete stranger to you. They know nothing about your life or your marriage and make huge decisions and custody and dividing assets after only hearing information about your marriage for a short time.


Divorce court is highly expensive and comes with expert witness and lawyer fees. You will most likely lose money by missing work and settling a divorce costs you time as well.  Since half of people lose in court, even the winners are aware that attorney fees and the damage endured are still costing them. Stick with settling to save yourself a lot of money and come together in better compromise.

You will lose a lot of time in divorce court because the process is very slow. Getting a trial date takes time, and sometime judges will take a case under advisement, meaning they want to think it over, rather than making a ruling at the end of the case. Sometimes people make appeals as well, which will cost more time and lawyer fees. Settling will also avoid all of this.

While divorce court is common, it’s been found that settling usually resolves the issue much easier and faster. The couple can come to agreements on custody and dividing assets, their emotions are taken into consideration, and they will be dealing with professionals who have had more time to understand the background of the couple and their marriage.

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